dye kitchen decorating

toy stove fAugust suddenly rolls around again, and I have been in my dye kitchen for over a year now. I feel that the time has come to play around with something different on the walls.

One hurdle that I often face is thinking that anything needs to be permanent. Silly as it seems, I seem to labor over making a hole in the wall!

As if things can’t be patched! So with this new resolve, I created new holes galore, with my only thought – – to have fun and be whimsical!

over stovetop f

First I decided on stacking two wooden crates for shelves.

close up over stove

I wanted a handy place for some of my dye tools and chemicals above the stove.

shelf fI have been saving these vintage canisters that a friend gave me. I wanted to use them for something special. They are a little too rusty for food use, but perfect for dye kitchen things.

I stained and stamped tags for labeling the contents. I taped the string on the tag to the inside of the canister, so that the labels wouldn’t fall off when I take the lid off. I can easily change labels as needed.

swatch bookThe idea I had as I decorated was to be colorful and to surround myself with things that I love and that inspire me. I found this home-made swatch book in my travels, and love its charm and color inspiration. Why keep things in the drawers? Put them out to see!

toy fridge closed fTo the left hangs an old toy tin refrigerator, that gives me a happy feeling.

toy fridgeIt seems like only yesterday that I was opening the door to fill it with something from my sandbox.

over sink f

potted topiaries f

voodoo kitty fOlive Rose’s VooDoo Kitty presides over the sink and makes sure that all of my sinister brews are cooked to perfection.

window ledge f

overview of kitchen

rt of sink

toy stove f

birdhouse fheart fThis is my play land and I feel at home here.

Even though it is just the beginning of August, I can feel a change in the air already, and I have begun buying wool to start dyeing for the Fall.

I am excited to do more dyeing, as the dye kitchen is calling to me! I am already conjuring up some new colors for my etsy shop, and am waiting for some cooler weather to begin.

Thanks for joining me on this Monday morning!

Have a creative week ~ Karen

20 thoughts on “dye kitchen decorating

  1. Love your doll house work space. Inviting, inspiring, functional and just plain cute. I love putting ” things” on the wall. I never tire of a collage created from things I love.


  2. In the 11th photo, I think I saw a cricket on the shelf. With both this house and my first home, Mom made sure I had a cricket to put on the hearth. She said it was a sign of good fortune for the home. My newest one is sitting there, even though I have no intentions of using the fireplace. Too much work for me to handle hese days. I am not as spry as I once was.


  3. Your dye kitchen is just the place I’d love to be – I love the “favorite” things hanging on the walls. I have concrete walls in my basement dye kitchen and can’t do it – I’m sooo jealous!


  4. I loved your post today. Maybe your bravery in putting more holes in your walls will give me the courage. I try to keep holes to a minimum, but the prim look really does require holes for the proper look. I love everything you did in your dyeing area in your kitchen. Very inspiring!


  5. Oh Karen!!!! What a fab tour of your kitchen!!!! I love the VooDoo Kitty!!!! So precious. Each one of your treasures makes me smile. Matter of fact, the whole tour made me smile.
    BTW, do you know you can hang a multitude of things on your walls with glass head straight pins???? Just use needlenose pliers to push the pin in and you will be surprised at the weight it will hold.


  6. What fun to have a space that you can decorate any way you want. I love all of your antiques especially Little Orphan Annie. What fun!!


  7. Karen,
    I have that fridge in pink I keep my thread in it!
    Cut the eye off of a needle and use the other part to hang things. This is stronger then a pin. Be sure to cut off the eye. It will hold up to 20 lbs.


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