Colorful boxes can be like treasure chests

nosey goose

On my recent trip home to the East Coast I took a few hours and went antiquing with my aunt Nell. Although it has been many years since I have been shopping in Madison, Connecticut, I wanted to see if the Nosey Goose was still there. I was so happy to see that nothing had changed, and my favorite haunt was just as it always was. Full of unusual vintage and shabby chic things for every occasion. And the setting is this wonderful old home in the heart of downtown.  I took the opportunity to buy one special thing from their shop to take home with me.

tinboxWhen I saw the colors on this small tin box, I was drawn right to it. I had not seen one like it before. I hesitated as it was more than I usually spend for a box. But then I felt that I wanted to remember this lovely day with my aunt, and so I bought it.

Later that same day I went to another shop in the next town, and found a larger box of the same kind!

two tinboxThe price was very good, so I bought it to go with my other candy box. How brilliant and colorful they look stacked together. And although I did see several of the larger sized purple tin boxes, none of them were of the smaller size.

My box story ends with an adventure here in Oregon. I had been looking for a vintage jewelry box, and saw several that I was debating over in an antique mall. But when I stumbled upon this lapis box, I knew I had found the right one.

blue box

blue box inside

Such a gorgeous saturated blue, with a lovely saffron colored interior! I wondered what the 3 loops were for on the inside lid. Does anyone know?

boxes 3

My colorful boxes are inspiring me to create handspun yarns for a new crochet project. I will share that with you in the days ahead. For now, my new box collection feels like a treasure. And so that I can enjoy them, they sit out in the middle of my dye kitchen table, inviting me to touch and examine their beauty.

Have a creative day ~ Karen

13 thoughts on “Colorful boxes can be like treasure chests

  1. OMG I thought I was the only one with this fetish. I lived in Asia years ago and presentation is everything. Beautiful boxes abound. I have many, large and small serving no other purpose than to be beautiful. I lived near Madison for many years, special place. Love your posts.


    • hi jean, i am not always rug hooking. it ebbs and flows. i seem to need to go with where my enthusiasm leads me. but i am always creating! and all of this stuff feeds back into my rug hooking. sometimes i am working on a rug hooking project that i can’t share. for instance i have a class coming up in october and i am working on things for that that will be unveiled in class. i hate not sharing everything, but sometimes i can’t!


  2. I LOVE those colors! That shade of blue is a color that’s really been catching my eye lately. Also, I’ve never seen that brand of candy box before, but it’s so pretty and sweet. I find these types of posts very inspiring simply for the pure pleasure of color!


  3. Dear Karen,
    I remember you & your outstanding student work. Happy to find your blog and be able to see what wonderful things you are creating now. You are an inspiration!


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