Being thankful for little things

I love little sewing tools. Funny how little things can add to the pleasure of your crafting experience. I made this small needle case out of 3 layers of felted wool folded like a book and then tied together at the folded edge. I embellished the tie by tucking in some colorful wool roving.

needlecase 3Inside are all of my tapestry needles for sewing knits together.

needle case 2This needle case gets a lot of use. Adding some color and texture to it makes it so much more fun.

Surround yourself with the things that you love, and you will love being there.

Have a creative day ~ Karen



9 thoughts on “Being thankful for little things

  1. Those colors are so fabulous! Yes, it’s so much about the little things I think….. I bought a sweet 1940’s vintage wastebasket today for the bath. It’s a little bent up, but just charming. Nothing major, but makes me very happy!


  2. Karen I have a group of weavers coming to my house and the small needle case would be a great little project for us to make while they are here and a way for me to share some of my small wool pieces. Quick question is how did you secure the folded edge?? Similar to how we used to make little books in school by creating two small holes and threading yarn or wool through and tieing in a bow on the front side?? This will be a fun little project – thanks for the great idea πŸ™‚


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