let today be a rug hooking day


Rug hooking is like painting with a palette of wool instead of paint.  It is a craft that I know so well. The hook feels natural in my hand. I find it easy to just sit and hook and relax. Traditional rug hooking one craft that I think is easy to learn.

wool drawerSome of you are new to rug hooking, and have asked me for basic directions. There are many tutorials online already, and I will give you a few links to get you started.

A great resource is the Rug Hooker’s Network found HERE. This valuable site offers multiple video tutorials, such as Gene Shepherd’s thorough presentation of the basics of hooking, and Deanne Fitzpatrick’s relaxed and casual presentation that I also enjoy watching.

Don’t miss out on Heather Richie’s video on Youtube found HERE. I enjoy her perspective and just love her accent!

herbs hookingI also wanted to mention Rug Hooking Magazine, which is available through Barnes and Noble Booksellers. See their website HERE. It is also a great resource, aside from its articles, for finding businesses and patterns and tools. It also might surprise you to find that there are many rug hooking guilds listed in the back of the magazine, one of which might be near you. Rug Hooking Magazine has also started an online magazine called Rug Beat found HERE.

And, whereas I don’t have beginning tutorials for rug hooking, I do have tutorials and free patterns available here on this blog.  Just type in “tutorial” or “free pattern” or “rug hooking” in the search box (above and to the right) to find all the posts that I have created on these subjects.

Whatever your craft, have fun discovering new ways to be creative    ~  Karen

3 thoughts on “let today be a rug hooking day

  1. Oh, I wish it could be a rug hooking day, however, I have to work. Maybe after exercising tonight I will do some. Thank you Karen for the above links.


  2. Thank you karen!! By the time i get a chance to hook again i will have to take in all this info again! It is something tho i look forward to in our winter months. I do have alot of info from you.. Pretty hot out here today.. Maybe i will get your little books out and dream, enjoy your day!!


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