crochet daydreamTake some time to daydream.

windowWhat will you find?

breakfast by the windowLet it be a creative day ~ Karen

Found in a fortune cookie: “Excellent day for dusting. Start with a few old dreams.”






5 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. Ah, day dreaming is what we like and need to do. Ideas come from “out of the blue” after a bit of relaxation. I love your crochet window! Since I am learning to crochet I can imagine lots of new ideas for it in our modern life. As nature is the best inspiration for the creation of all forms of art, spending time outside is my best way to start thinking about designs for crafts. I have been thinking about crocheting a purse that has surface crochet in the form of tree branches and maybe autumn leaves. Oak leaves are a favorite theme for my ceramic decorations.


  2. Yes, dusting off our dreams..isn’t thst beautiful? Too often life just happens and we forget some of the old dreams…yet, they are there and always knocking if we let them in. Time for dusting…..thanks for the post!


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