Rug hooking my Tipp City design

tippLately I have spent hours at my rug frame hooking a pattern to be unveiled at our Tipp City, Ohio rug hooking class. I will let you take a little peek at my progress. Students will have an opportunity to hook my design or a variation of it or one of Alice Strebel design ideas. I also have another design finished for class. If you can’t be at the Tipp City class, I will show you the completed rugs after our class is over.

loopsMaybe it is because the weather has been so rainy, but I felt the urge to hook my house a friendly old mustard yellow. Every window has its own character, as if giving us a glimpse of what is inside. I imagine activity going on in its rooms: baking, reading, knitting, napping, or laughing. I feel sure of it.

close upI put a lot of heart into my rug hooking, as my designs give me a sense of home-ness, of grounding. That is part of the joy of all of my crafting. I put emotion into it, and my creations seem to reflect it back to me.

Have a creative day ~ Karen

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Edgar Degas





22 thoughts on “Rug hooking my Tipp City design

  1. Yes – I totally get that hooking and creating grounds us – and provides a real sense of home – all that we have experienced can appear in our creations and then again maybe it is something that we dream up – it is all good!!! Enjoy – I love your rug!!!


  2. Love your energy and inspiration!! Love the rug too!! I did a red house and all shades of mustard yellow background! It was fun. Can’t wait to see yours finished!!


  3. So bummed that we couldn’t make it to Tipp City this year. We had so much fun in 2012! I’ve recommended it to all my friends. Have fun!


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