Wool for vending

woolHere is a smattering of the wool that I will have with me in Bothel, Washington. If you did not hear about it, I posted on it HERE.

DSCF1039Aside from wool, I will also have some rug hooking patterns and a few of my rugs for you to see in person. I always look forward to this event, getting to see you all and also shopping at everyone else’s booth. This show ushers in the Fall season for me, and has a festive and cheering atmosphere.

If you live in the area, I hope to see you there ~ Karen


12 thoughts on “Wool for vending

  1. I wish I did live close to you. You always have beautiful wools and an excellent teacher—always willing to share your knowledge..


  2. I still remember the fun time we had at Caraway so many years ago. Seems your son was driving across country. Wish i was closer and could have some of that yummy wool.


  3. Karen I have a question about a rug you posted back in may or june it was when you posted that the camp blew you away. I love the rug someone was doing with the rabbit jumping the colors are beautiful this pattern was on the page you posted can you tell me whos pattern it is. thank you .I love your work your color are so beautiful you are amazing. glenna bailey.


     The Foxglove Inn and The Red Fox Studio                                                                                                                                        



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