Colors imitate tea

One thing that I have learned about color, is that it is much like drinking tea.

I used to think that I didn’t like camomile tea or green tea as they were too strong and astringent for my tastes. And then I tried steeping them for only a few seconds or a few dunks. What a revelation! The happy ending is that now I love both of the aforementioned teas. A lot. I am so glad that I gave them a second try. As it turns out, just a light infusion is perfect for me.

DSCF1009This is my color story too. As I find some colors, namely orange and yellows, quite difficult for me to choose when I am hooking a rug. The fiery strength of those hues just never seemed to fit in with the timeworn vintage palette that I use. I set out to find versions of them that suited me — less intense and more subtle.

DSCF1016Instead of screaming orange,  the sophistication of pumpkin, chrysanthemum, and copper attracts me. And yellows like mustard, maize, and chamois excite me.

And come to find out, I do like tertiary oranges on my kitchen shelves. I love the way they bring out turquoise and granny1white! I also enjoy using these stronger colors in small bits in other crafts, such as crochet.

I think that we all have our own color sensibilities. And I believe that there is the right color for every taste.

I encourage you to go on your own color journey. I challenge you to think of a color that you may not like, and find a version of it that you do like. You may even find that this new color brings out your other favorite colors.

I think that it must be time for another cup of tea, as I immerse myself in studying some colors that inspire me!

Happy new year!

Have a creative day ~ Karen


14 thoughts on “Colors imitate tea

  1. Thank you so much for sharing on your blog. I always look forward to reading it. Wishing you a Happy New Year too, with lots of creative excitement!


  2. Love your thoughtful and thought provoking gift! Many thanks for your generosity and the joy it generates Karen.
    Wishing the best in the New Year!


  3. Happy New Year Karen, timely is this message. I started hooking an owl picture that my granddaughter haddrawn and colored years ago and it has like a pink background. Her brothers has a turquoise background. The owl turned out very cute and I suggested to my granddaughter that perhaps I should try and blend in with her Mom’s decor instead of matching the picture. she adamantly said…oh no Gran…she is going to want it to be exact! Sooooooo that has indeed been a bit of a challenge lol I have tried to put just a hint of the bright pink and mostly do a plaid overdyed burgundy which doesn’t grate on my soul quite so much lol. It has been a good learning experience for me.
    Keep giving us your quiet inspiration’s. I love your blogs


  4. What a wonderful message. I find that I am always gravitating to the same colors, and I agree with you…there is an enhancement of other colors when they are combined. Thank you for the reminder! What a wonderful blog you have!! Happy New Year!!


  5. I have recently started teaching rug hooking. I love the primitive colors but most of my students like brighter colors. It is very rewarding to see these brighter rugs evolve and become a wonderful finished rug. There is so much to learn about color as you so elegantly share with us.


  6. Yellow and orange get such a bad rap…I once decided to dye my least favorite color, orange, and came out with a beautiful piece that I loved and hooked into fall leaves.


  7. dear karen where are you these days miss your blog so much?? hope you are o,kay??? are you doing something new in your blog?? not a word from you in along time. hope to hear from you soon?? regards linda kraus lady rug hooker


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