make your space more lived in

washboard flare

Surround yourself with the things you love and you will love being in your space. Start today! Winter is the perfect time for nesting. Ask yourself: how can I make some small corner of my home more me? What pleases me? Take some of the precious things out of their box and put them on display where you can enjoy them!

Here is Grandma’s old washboard framing a folk art piece that a friend gave me. Makes me smile everyday!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Karen

“If you want to be happier focus on what makes you happy.”

Karen Salmansohn

4 thoughts on “make your space more lived in

  1. Much needed words. I know we are not suppose to be into material things, but being surrounded by my stuff is so comforting to me. Thanks mo


  2. Love your blog! Beautiful hooked rugs 🙂
    I have your birdhouse ornaments and lost the finishing instructions. Pretty sure I saw the how to finish on you blog a while ago, but I cannot locate it again 😦
    Any chance you have a link to that post?
    Thank you!!


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