Oyster is the new neutral

oyster swatches

Oyster is one of my favorite Dusty Dye Book colors. Read on!

dusty oysters

I would describe it as a light neutral that leans toward dirty green. It makes a great antique background color to play other colors off of, such as its compliment: reds, pinks, and mauves.

dusty colors

It is a unique color in this dye book as no other color quite comes near it. It is utterly sophisticated. When I created this dye book, it was one of the unique colors that inspired me.

dyeing day oyster

When I dye, I like to create multiple batches — dyeing over natural, oatmeal, and light texture wools. I dyed 5 yards of light oyster, and 4 yards of deep oyster. I don’t mess around on a dye day! I really dye a bunch of wool. I always run out of this color and am dyeing more for a new rug design.

new rug linen

Here is a sneak peek of Jane Austen, a floral rug with a mosaic border. At least that is the plan so far. Things usually change as I hook. And I am not sure when I will be ready to start hooking, as I am still dreaming of all the colors and have not yet settled on the blend. Sometimes I want a rug to be so many things all at once, and find it hard to narrow my ideas down to the simplicity that is needed for a primitive design. I just can’t rush it.

I am wishing for you a creative day ~ Karen

dusty little dye book and swatches




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17 thoughts on “Oyster is the new neutral

  1. Oh, break my heart! Your Jane Austen rug looks absolutely wonderful. Please send images as you work on it.

    Your loyal fan,

    Helen Mar Parkin Lindale, Texas


  2. hi karen,
    those colors look amazing…. love your colors always in your rugs…. take care…enjoying your web site and downloaded the free pattern seaweed today , so plan on starting it soon… elaine


  3. Love the oyster and can picture it as the perfect background. Can you tell me if you sell the wool that the swatches are laying on or where you purchased it? I did purchase the fabric a few years ago from Dorr but it is no longer available.

    Thanks, Deborah from Arizona


  4. i use Oyster more than any other in your dye book too. It’s kinda perfect for showing off most any motif and it’s dark against light and light against dark and different enough to show off mediums too. It’s my go-to background color. Love it.


  5. hi karen, thanks for email ,, enjoying your web site…. downloaded your free birdness purse pattern yesterday, too. thanks… so just your patterns that are going paper , are the small ones?? i see no shipping to canada?? good idea though , instant pattern after you pay,,,, take care


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