In a red and aqua mood


Red looks so lovely as it relates to the color aqua. It just so happens that I have a lot of little red things that I have collected over time.


red 3

red2Sometimes these color mixtures just start to happen around the studio, and so I build on them, gathering more of my collections together to one place.

red 1

red6Vintage spools and new trims become a tiny artistic community on a side table. All relate in harmony and peace here. It is not the world, but it is a start!

red7I long for a serene place, and so I make vignettes to order my world.

I imagine that my little joyful spark can somehow spread and make a difference.

Have a creative day ~ Karen




16 thoughts on “In a red and aqua mood

  1. Love the color combination.Thank you for the post and all your previous posts. I’m so happy to see them turn up in my inbox in the morning. Laura


  2. Such a treat to see into the colorful corners of your studio. Wish I had your talent to coordinate all my little goodies. You remain an inspiration!


  3. Red and aqua have always been one of my favorite colors combinations also. I have quite a bit of that in my home. I love your analogy of vignettes as a form of dollhouse arrangements. I think that is absolutely true! I used to love arranging doll furniture when I was small…. so it’s fun now to change things up a bit by rearranging favorite finds and possessions!


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