Mixing it up in rug hooking

herbs z 4

Many variations of a color hook into a beautiful background. Mix similar colors up as you hook, using several loops of each wool here and there. Make a few splotches of another, breaking away from the contours of the motifs and breaking away from each other so that the effect looks happenstance. Stand back from your work periodically to see how the colors are blending. When you are almost done, check to see that you like the overall effect, replacing anything that looks too dominant or distracting with something that blends more.

The effect should be mottled without overpowering the motifs so that the background looks like it is in soft focus. I enjoy the drama of this kind of background, as it gives you something more to see when you examine the rug more closely.

Have fun playing with this technique. I find inspiration for color from impressionist paintings. For example check out Monet and Seurat and see how they use bits of beautiful color. They may help you to see more color everywhere you look in your own everyday life!

Have a creative day ~ Karen

Herbs pattern is available as a PDF instant download pattern on etsy. Click HERE to see it.


2 thoughts on “Mixing it up in rug hooking

  1. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for the “mix it up” post. You were the first to inspire me to hook using this technique and now I’m currently mixing it up in my oriental rug. I’m keeping the different color areas closer in hue/value, so it doesn’t distract from the pattern itself, which makes the background so much more interesting. Not only to look at but to hook as well! It’s ending up with a kind of “worn” look that I really love.
    Have a great memorial weekend!


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