Tiptoe Thru The Tulips with me

tiptoe table

My latest PDF instant downloadable pattern is ready on Etsy. If you have not already discovered it you can see it by clicking HERE.  I wanted to share with you the fun I had hooking this small pattern.

Small designs call to me. I think because they seem less intimidating. I usually can use wool that I have on hand without having to dye special colors. I can even get away with using wool from my scrap bags, which I have been using a lot of lately. Speaking of which, why does it seem like my scrap bags are not getting any smaller?!

tiptoe hooking

I drew this chicken a while ago, and she sat in my sketch pad patiently flapping her wings. Looking silly. I almost gave up on her, not knowing how to incorporate her into a design. Then one day I just re-drew her and put a bunch of hearts around her. I do love chickens. I added scallops as a simple border to frame everything. This sketch sat for a few weeks. It was not calling to me. Then last week I envisioned the hearts as tulips — and that was that! I could not wait to start hooking my tip-toe-ing chicken!

tiptoe Z2

I had to revisit Tiny Tim singing the song Tiptoe Through The Tulips on YouTube HERE, and felt a shiver as I was carried back to some happy times singing with my cousin (Tim !) — who happened to do a remarkable job of imitating the hit single complete with falsetto on Grandma’s ukulele. Ah! Makes me smile.

tiptoe Z3

Hooking my pattern, I decided I wanted the scene to pop, so I went with my easy antique black background. I guess this is my default background, as I find it dramatic and so primitive looking. I didn’t want to hook the chicken in conventional hues, so I went with a dusty aqua (another favorite of mine, big surprise!), giving her a soft red comb, throwing in some reds in her wings.

So after deciding on those colors, I needed to figure out how I would hook the tulips. When I think of tulips, I will always remember looking through those gorgeous bulb catalogs as a girl. I would read the catalog cover to cover, dreaming of how my garden could look someday, picking my very favorite varieties if I only had the money to buy some. I was enchanted by the red and white striped tulips that had a tiny hint of green peeking out here and there. They were my choice.


I never did order any tulips, but I knew that the time had come to furnish my chicken with some splendid striped tulips to dance through.

tiptoe finishing

I felt a nostalgic dream come to life as I hooked my flowers, choosing vintage reds and primitive antique whites with slips of green and pink here and there. So satisfying…

tiptoe crochet strips

Finishing the rug was next, and I picked some dark wools, thinking that was what I wanted for the design. But after crocheting a few inches I realized that I didn’t like the way the scallops became little lonely islands.

tiptoe with dark edgetiptoe with light edge I needed to finish the edges in a color that harmonized with the scallops. And I liked the way that looked much better.


I hope that I have inspired you to take your hooking outside on a warm day and let the great outdoors be your studio.

Have a creative day ~ Karen


17 thoughts on “Tiptoe Thru The Tulips with me

  1. This reminds me of my chickens. They have been flapping and scratching all through my flowers. Thank you for a fun and playful piece. You’ve inspired me to go “outside on a warm day,” but instead of hooking I plan to spin.
    Enjoy your sun.


  2. what a nice post. Interesting to hear how your pattern emerged. Looks really good and works with the Title very well. Thanks for doing this.


  3. Enchanting! I hooked many yrs ago but recently was inspired to revisit hooking. You too are an inspiration to me. I have no space for big items, and I just love your chicken, she looks like she is dancing… Fun… I have always wanted to do a chicken.. May I do something similar to yours? Happy Hooking…


    • of course!– as long as you are not copying my pattern, you can come up with your own idea for a design. but if what you want is more like my pattern than not, than buy my pattern and make some changes to it. enjoy, karen


  4. I have recently been TRYING to hook some tulips. Yours are so sweet! Love the chicken and the rug title. As always Karen, you’re so inspiring to me….


  5. Hi karen, love the new pattern,,, it is great,,, I think I will order one from your pdf new pattern ,,, that is great to get the pattern right on the computer,,, love the idea,,, will do it on my husbands computer as he has a printer,,, thanks for the inspiration,,,


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