Tools of the trade

DSCF1104I am finishing a new rug design for the class I will be teaching this October in Tipp City, and thinking about how I love every step in completing a hooked rug piece. I particularly enjoy each detail of creating the crochet binding with long strips of wool fabric. Part of what makes it satisfying are the tools that I use.



I use an old drawer that has crazed paint and unusual knobs to hold my wool strips. I love how the texture of the fabrics look with the old wood. I draw inspiration from time-worn things with texture and faded colors.


I pull out one of my vintage rulers to measure with. I have a lovely old pair of scissors that a friend gifted me.


I step back in time as I use them, feeling part of the old ways when detail and taking time to do handwork was a neccesity.


I am so thankful that I bought this old green table. It’s vintage character and green paint seems the perfect backdrop for every project.


The surface is uneven with nail heads and grooves, but I indulge myself and forgive its flaws for the sake of art.


Here is a sneak peek of the rug. To find out more about the class that Alice Strebel and I will be teaching, read more by clicking HERE.

Thank you for joining me today. Projects have been moving through my studio fast and furious lately and I haven’t documented their progress as of yet. I hope to share more with you soon as we move through this last month of summer.

Have a creative day ~ Karen

14 thoughts on “Tools of the trade

  1. I love the connection with those that came before us that we get from using vintage items. Can’t wait to see what you and Alice have cooked up for us this year.

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