New projects in glass


One of the fun crafts I began this spring was stained glass. Rob and I thought that it would be fun to take a class together, and we found a local teacher and joined for a couple of 6 week sessions.


I concentrated on the copper foil method of joining pieces.


I found it very satisfying, like putting together a colorful puzzle.


Close up of my rose. The copper foil sticks to edges of the glass. Solder is then melted onto the copper foil to create a strong bond. Of all the techniques to learn, soldering was the most challenging to master.


I made several windows before putting glass work on the back burner for a while. Maybe I will work with colored glass again this winter to brighten the rainy days. For now finished panels and pieces of glass line my studio windows, inspiring me to imagine new designs.

Thanks for joining me today. I wish you a creative day!




8 thoughts on “New projects in glass

  1. Beautiful pieces! My daughter-in-law has done a lot of stained glass pieces, and I have one with a sand dollar right in the middle.. I love it!


  2. Although I haven’t touched glass in many years, I still love all the textures and colors you can have with it. I have thought of it as “painting with glass”. Would love to see your finished piece with the rose. Your patterns would make very whimsical pieces!


    • thanks for your comment. so far i have been interested in creating the old looking patterns of yesteryear in stained glass. but there may come a time when i want to venture out into designing a more whimsical piece.


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