New Wool Packets to inspire you

wool y g p

New to my Etsy shop are blend-able wool packets. I am excited to share these limited edition wools with you! The wool packets are fabulous instant color schemes for hooked rugs or wool embellishing.

wool all 1

The 2 color ways that I am offering are the primary colors, and the secondary colors. Every packet of 3 colors has 4 similar, blend-able colors — 12 swatches of wool. Use your wool packet set to create with or simply as springboard inspiration. Roll them up in a bowl for a fiber still life. Cut a swatch size of every color and attach to a tag or a design board.

wool r y b

The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Translating these colors into soft primitive hues in wool means dusty rose, faded butter yellow, and muted deep indigo. I see the wool as a work of art in itself. Piled together in my box, the wool looks inspiring. The infusion of color makes me want to create!

wool reds pkt

The reds are a medium value rose, with a vintage, time-worn appearance. In each packet the wools may be marbleized, hand dyed, spot dyed, textures, or plaids.

wool p g o

The secondary color palette is orange, green, and purple. For the primitive palette, the orange is a light value faded peachy-neutral, the green is a muted warm medium green, and the purple is a deep purple that sets off the other 2 colors.

wool greens pkt

The greens lean toward yellow, with pea greens and a touch of muted chartreuse. These wool colors are the colors that I love to hook into my rugs. Every piece is unique and each dye batch is different.

HH detail of bkgrnd

Learning how to blend color is part of the focus of what I teach in my color workshops, and this technique adds up close interest to your rug hooking project and sophistication to any project. Done successfully, when you step back the colors blend together as your eye reads these similar hues as one. An example of this would be an impressionist painting.

My goal in creating the packets is to make color planning a design easier. To add sophistication use these colors with hh2the addition of light to dark neutral hues.

To learn more about the wool packet, go to my etsy shop by clicking here.

Be colorful!

While flipping through my colorful wool today I caught myself spontaneously smiling! Fabulous color does that to me!

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day ~ Karen

PS: In a very short time these wool packets have flown out the door, so due to their great success, I will make time to list more on Etsy, so please do check back in!


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