All I want for Christmas is…

Open letter to Santa:

Let’s cut to the chase. There are many crafty people out there that just want someone to notice that they would really appreciate some nice tools to make crafting more pleasurable. So Santa, here are a few suggestions for those folks who have been very very nice this year.

51CJETNQpaL._SL1500_Let’s talk about lighting as it is so important to a craftsman. A perfectly lit workspace should not be optional.

So here is my number one pick for Santa’s list: The battery operated LED OttLite task lamp. Oh, I am so in love with this little light! It is lightweight, portable and runs on 3 AAA batteries. 30 tiny LED bulbs work together to put out a bright but not harsh light. Throw it in your work bag and take it anywhere to have lovely light to craft by. It does work best on a table or other small flat surface. Perfect for reading, knitting, quilting, jewelry making, picking colors, and handwork of any kind. No cords dangling. No need for a power outlet. No need to share! (did i say that?)

Now I have read some reviews about these lights, and I would definitely buy a couple sets of rechargeable batteries for the lamp so that you don’t end up going thru them. Another thing I am going to do is get a Nokia travel charger for times when I can plug it in.


Santa, another awesome LED light to craft by is from IKEA. And if there isn’t one near you, they have these available for delivery at reasonable rates. The JANSJÖ series of lights come in black or white painted metal and have flexible necks to direct light where you need it. No fooling, they give off a surprising amount of direct light.


And they are so minimalist and sleek-looking that you almost don’t notice they are there, which I really like as they go in any decor. I love the floor model, as well as the table lamp.

jansjo-led-clamp-spotlight__0135662_PE293876_S4It also comes in a clip on version as well as a cute USB plug-in for working at the laptop. The USB light is only available at the store.

Just click on the links in red letters to see more info on each product.

So Santa the bottom line is that your should really save the raindrops on roses for another time and take a hint from Rudolph and give us some good lighting so we can do our magic.



PS: Mrs Claus did not put me up to this



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