Snapshot in red

karen in red scarf in the mirrorkaren and red scarfMy latest spinning and knitting project is done. After a couple of months of working on this merino/silk lace weight fiber, I get to finally wear it. Every photo I took could not capture the variations of red in the scarf. I have been loving the color red lately, and noticed that it looks great with taupe and greys, which I wear a lot of. And since a scarf is a small sash of color, I can muster up the courage to wear it.

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, my hand spun merino/silk yarn is a lace weight 2 ply, approximately 320 yards. The pattern is a simple linen stitch over 46 stitches with a #8 needle to make it loose and drapey. I created a 2″ twisted fringe to finish off the ends.

It is a very simple design I know. And that is what I love about it. Simple knits are unpretentious and I find them very wearable.

red flower

Along with my scarf, I have been dreaming of other lovely red wools, hooking them into a new rug design.

green and red strips for hooking

Red is everywhere. I really need this splash of color to enliven the grayness of winter.

cutter with green

Have you noticed that red longs for green? They are color complements, and can beautify one another.

strips on the green table

light green backgroundThe background for this rug is a soft wash of green, much like lichens. This quiet green is almost invisible, just a whisper of color.

I love hooking backgrounds. I have a fascination for them. They are “negative space”, the secondary shapes that are created by the motifs. They are lovely in and of themselves. At least that is how I view them. And so I enjoy hooking them in lovely soft-focus dances of color. As you can see I have hooked my background before most of the motifs are completed. I love to do that, as it sets the stage for other colors.

How are you spending your winter hours? I hope that you are making time to dream and create in color.

Maybe you too might enjoy a little red today, Karen

PS: If you need some new soft formulas to dye some wool, I have just listed my Vintage Colors Dye Book and Swatch Set in my etsy shop. See them by clicking HERE.


19 thoughts on “Snapshot in red

  1. Spent most of the day sorting and organizing my wool….getting inspired with the colors and thinking about what pattern I want to create….Happy belated Birthday…love your blog and your work. Best to you in the New Year. Jeanine


  2. I too, love backgrounds ,, and do not find them boring, because I use lots of colors or values of the same color,,, love your colors!!!


  3. Glad to see I’m not the only “backwards” rug hooker! I often get amazed looks when I tell other rug hookers that I always finish the background before I finish the motifs. I think it is somehow linked to finishing my veggies. . . .


  4. I love your beautiful scarf! It is just the right shade of red and size. I am also a bit reticent of wearing red–it can be overwhelming, but a piece of red jewelry or a scarf can be just right!


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