Springtime dreams

bird and nest by lindaB

Spring makes me think of birds and nesting time. I thought that I would share with you this hooked piece by LindaB.

bird nestI love her rendition of my piece Hit Or Miss Nest And Bird pattern. Notice how she used some higher loops in the details of the bird and then introduced real feathers on the bird’s tail and in the center of her nest. What a fun touch.

For another blog post on this pattern CLICK HERE.

karen 2015 garden bed blogTo see this pattern in my Etsy shop CLICK HERE. It is available as a PDF instant download.

I have been spending time in my garden planting herbs and redoing raised beds. I love this change of pace and relish every moment as Springtime takes shape all around me.

Have a creative day ~ Karen

Thanks go out to LindaB for giving me permission to show her wonderful rug hooking!

6 thoughts on “Springtime dreams

  1. Karen – Here on Cape Cod, with a foot of snow yesterday to join the heaped drifts unmelted since January, I have been eagerly awaiting a new posting from you, knowing its jolt of color, creativity and inspiration would provide just the boost my flagging spirit needed. Here, it was 1 degree wind chill this morning, and we can only DREAM of our gardens buried under heaps of snow – and there you are in a tank top where Spring is real. I have the Nest and Bird and am now encouraged to begin. Thank you for this post! – Jacqueline

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  2. I feel your pain Jacqueline…here in central Mass. Just had a crew out to remove the tons of snow & ice dams off our steep roof tops because of ice dam damage earlier this week. My sister lives in Bend, OR and 1 brother in So. Cal. the other brother in Seattle and they’re all asking “why” we moved east! Hmmmm? All our friends from our home town in So. Cal. keep sending me photos of the beach, blue skies & 70+ temperature comments…ohhh Spring we’re ready!

    Love your sweet 3-d hooked Bird & Nest Karen…and seeing all your colorful & inspiring designs. Have loads of projects on my “to do list” …but am eying this bird & nest & your Hideaway House pillow…too many decisions! Thank you for sharing this post with the encouragement that Spring will be heading east…very soon! ♥ ~ Diane


  3. I would like to know if you can direct me to the patter for the bear that is proped up against a book in the sunlight, made from a gold /brown grey thread?
    Ps I also drink OOLONG Tea daily , great stuff. thanks Myra


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