Tools of the past

knitting arrangement

I have missed your company here on my blog. Busy with this and that, I often come across a creative inspiration and think — this would be great to share, I want to remember to talk about that idea with my blog friends. So you have been on my mind.

Since I have been knitting and crocheting,  a memory came to me of my first knitting needles from when I learned to knit at Brownies club meetings in elementary school.


My originals long gone now, I have collected various old plastic needles that remind me of them. They were aqua blue, long and large like a size 10. And I can remember my stitches sitting on them. To me, they were so beautiful. Oddly I don’t recall the color of the yarn, just how the stitches looked against the blue needles.

Funny how a plastic object could hold such charm. But to me they were like magic wands that transformed a ball of yarn into something wonderful: a fabric. And I saw that this could be a scarf, a hat, a place mat. The sky was the limit it seemed to me on that day. These blue knitting needles had opened a door to another dimension.

KNsmIn my mind’s eye, I see those rows of stitches on the needles suspended in mid-air, a timeless moment. And even now as I bring up that image in my thoughts, it has a power to send a thrill through me. I am sure that my blue knitting needles were a spark that drew me to the fiber arts.

I pour myself a cup of tea, pick up a project to work on and remember. And a feeling of calm comes over me, that I am right with the world.

Take a break and join me. Do you have such a pivotal memory?

Have a creative day,


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5 thoughts on “Tools of the past

  1. I do remember when I was 8 or 9, our neighbor, Miss Betty, taught me to knit and I picked it right up. Sadly, I did not stick with it. My mother did not like sewing, knitting or crochet and my grandmother did just a little sewing, so I didn’t pursue it further until I became interested in quilting as a young mom. Now that I have “retired”, I am more interested than ever in all fiber arts- rug hooking, embroidery, teaching myself to crochet via youtube and after I master that, I hope to learn to knit again! I had a mint green wool baby blanket until age 3–so I attribute my love of wool to that early tactile pleasure!

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  2. Welcome back, we’ve missed you! I used to have some of those plastic needles, which I have now gotten rid of because they were all bent and misshapen. I now prefer wooden or bamboo for my knitting needles.


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