Rearranging the studio for a craft day

studio update 8

Every now and then when the studio gets messy and I find myself gravitating to the kitchen instead of my craft room, I know it’s time to rearrange things. One thing I do to get me inspired is to plan for visitors to come over. Then I have a deadline!

studio before

So I needed an open spot for all my guests. That meant I had to find a place for 2 work tables in the middle of the room. So one went to the left by the side door, which gives that workspace some nice light.

studio update 5

That work area is reserved for my sewing machine and serger. I enjoy sitting by the glass door and seeing my garden.

studio update 1

Then the other work table went against the opposite wall beyond these tables and shelves that hold all my inspiring vintage tools.

studio update 6

I added a toolbox that I newly painted, and  filled it with goodies. My son found the box at a yard sale for me, and it was ugly. He saw its potential though.

studio update 2

Here is the table, already piled high with inspiring things. I did leave a little room for projects!

studio update 3

I could not wait to sit here and work. It has been a perfect place for hooking and planning.

studio update 4

Now I had my space organized and ready for my day.

studio spinners

My guests arrived and everyone brought their spinning projects. The space was perfect for our time together that day. This was my reward for all my hard work.

studio update 7

I love the new feeling of the open space in my room, and having a place right in the middle of the room to sit on the floor with my books or project.

Thanks for joining me today in the studio ~ Karen


15 thoughts on “Rearranging the studio for a craft day

  1. Cleaning and reorganizing my work space inspires me to finish projects so I can start new ones. it is almost like a new beginning.m


  2. Being creative sometimes creates messy areas, I know that happens in my room, when busy you tend to not take the time to put things away right then. Love the quilt on the wall (picture of the spinners) could you tell me the pattern name? Am intriqued with some of the flowers hanging downward.


  3. Love your work space it is so calm to look at and imagine sitting in it and to enjoy a day of playing. Look forward to seeing you the end of Oct. in Ohio until then happy hooking.


  4. Wonderfully cosy room. I too am best motivated by guests to do some cleaning, but once in a while I do a whirlwind declutter, so that I can better drag all my projects back out again one by one instead of rubbing elbows with one another or piling up.

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  5. Oh, Karen, I am so envious. I would have loved to have joined you and your friends for an afternoon of spinning in your studio. Looking forward to seeing you on my visit — Sept. 7th through 12th.


  6. Your space has inspired me to do more organizing,,,, I do try and tidy up after each project,,, it so nice coming in my hooking room and spending time in there,,,,, yours is a beautiful space,, thanks for sharing it,,,,,

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