Friends to the garden studio

lianne 2

Friends of mine usually come with a craft in hand, because they know me. I am the craft lady. My way of having fun typically includes making something. So my Washington friend Lianne brought her Star Rug Company snow family design to hook when she came to visit. Lianne loved all my lights and tried out my IKEA clip on LED light on her hooking frame. It is really bright.

lianne's stool

lianne visitingAnother fun thing we like to do is shop at the local antique malls. And Lianne found something that I would have overlooked — until I saw how perfect it was. She found this heavy homemade stool that doesn’t budge and is very stable for propping your feet a bit so that you can hold your rug hooking frame on your lap. Now I want one and will have to drop some hints to the woodworkers in the family! If it were mine I would paint it of course. You know me! Faux finish everything.

mo's cottage garden

Another visitor to my studio was Maureen Lowrey who has hooked many of my rugs, and brought several of them for me to see. This is A Cottage Garden. I am so impressed by her color blending.

mo's madame 1

Her Madame Odier looked so much like my rug that I had to get it out to compare it to hers! In fact I still take a double take when I look at this photo! Blows me away!

mo's garden path

This is Garden Path. This pattern by the way is now available as a PDF instant download on Etsy.

mo's chicken

I love her Chicken In The Garden — in every detail she really captured that quirky primitive look that I so love.

mo's parterre

Her last rug was my Parterre — she changed the tulips to pansies. These colors are so gentle and inviting, everything that makes me love hooked rugs.

Maureen would not let me take a photo of her, so you will just have to use your imagination. She has a magical smile and blonde hair. And she is always hooking a rug!

Thank you Lianne and Maureen for being sisters in crafting, as it sure does keep me going. Your visits inspired me.

I hope you all have a creative day ~ Karen


PS: One last visitor was to the studio garden. She was the biggest dragonfly I have ever seen in person! I was delighted to be able to get up real close and snap this photo of her on my chard. She posed for me! As I remember she was between 4 and 5″ long! What a thrill!


24 thoughts on “Friends to the garden studio

  1. Karen – I have admired your rugs and patterns since I found out about you in 2006. Your blog is such an inspiration. You are living the life that I keep imagining for myself and I really struggle to fit hooking and creating into my days. Family, jobs, garden, it all takes so much time!!! I have a hooking day planned with a dear friend next Saturday – this is what makes the struggle worth it. I hope to meet you in person one day! Patti Reen


  2. Karen, I, too, have admired your rugs for years. I’m especially fond of the “gentle” colors that give each rug a certain come hither quality. That amazing dragonfly is the biggest and most colorful I’ve ever seen. Thank you! Patricia White


  3. Love Maureen’s rugs! All of them are so pretty, I have the pdf for garden path, and after seeing hers, I think I must get mine on the backing and get to it! Thank you, Maureen for sharing!
    Love the dragon fly!

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  4. Well, well, well, I can’t believe there I am! Even a picture of my favorite clogs I wear at your home every time I visit! Lisa called early this morning and told me when I got home to look. How nice of you! And, I do have a WONDERFUL time every time I visit! Thank you for thinking of me. Love you lots, Lianne


  5. There is nothing better than spending a day with friends doing something that you all love! These rugs are all so nice – very talented ladies!


  6. Hi Karen,
    Will look forward to seeing you in October at the Bothell rug show! In the meantime, a couple of us hooker gals tried to find the clip on light from Ikea that Lianne was using and there seemed to be several choices that looked “close”. Could you help us narrow the choices down? Maybe you know the name of it or some other identifying thing about it?
    Much thanks in advance,


  7. I Just finished “A Towne Garden” and absolutely love it! I used your beautiful wool from when I visited your studio years ago. Your patterns and wool colors are awesome!Thank you for your talent and inspiration!
    Mary T Hallstrom


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