Getting wrapped up in the holidays

christmas tree lady

Pause for a moment and remember to have some fun this holiday season.

wool trees

Taking time to craft something simple always brings my focus back to a calming place. I made these little trees with wool scraps. I did a web search but could not find the pattern I used anymore. I did find a cute idea making felted ones HERE.

tree with pincushions

This year I decorated my tree with simple tiny white lights and my pincushion collection. Since I didn’t have quite enough to fill out the whole tree I made a few more using these patterns.  The tree skirt is a vintage tablecloth that my mother gave me that has been in our family.


Only a few holiday items are set here and there. An Olive Rose Santa is one of my favorites as he is so primitive.

love is...

Unplug the Christmas machine and take stock of what you need to keep your sanity. I like to remind myself of what really matters. Like loving one another. Like loving myself. That means doing some of the things that I truly love.

Thank you blog family for your readership. If I were able to reach out through this computer, as you sit reading right now I would give you a big hug.

Consider yourself hugged!  

Have a creative day ~ Karen



10 thoughts on “Getting wrapped up in the holidays

  1. Wishing you & yours a {joy-filled} Christmas Karen! Love your felty trees & sweet-as-ever pincushion bedecked tree!!! And definitely wrapping “ourselves” in love with time for US… is a great message. I (in fact) took a merry garland & ornament making workshop yesterday with a girlfriend & it was the “calmest” day I’ve been in a long while! Great time, conversations, sharing, laughter, by a roaring fire & with a wonderful home cooked lunch by the host & hostess in their primitive 1700s home. We made garlands from such fun & unique gathered (pods, nuts, dried fruits, dried veggies), clove-studded pomanders rolled in cinnamon & cloves, beeswax dipped wool bat ornaments, gingerbread dough ornaments & one of my faves…corn husk “nests” soaked in tobacco juice (which gives them a golden hue) when dried. It brought around the {spirit of Christmas} that I truly needed! May we all embrace *peace & greater tolerance* in our hearts for 2016. Hugs, Diane

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