2016 workshop coming up

10Announcing the 2 in 1 Creative Workshop

Join Karen Kahle and Alice Strebel

on Oct. 26 – Oct 29, 2016

For a new and creative approach to rug hooking, and an opportunity to have two teachers, two different design concepts, but work on one project. Students will experience teaching from both teachers filled with fun and learning, providing options to make a piece uniquely yours. Linen backing, patterns, and some wool will be included, along with morning tea and lunches. A supply list will be sent following registration along with information on accommodations in the area. Tipp City is a great location for the workshop, a quaint historic town filled with shops, antiquing, and great food.

Our theme for this year is ‘In A Garden’.

click here to see Ali’s contact page.

To register for your place download the forms:

2 in 1 Workshop Info – 2016

2 in 1 Creative Workshop Registration Form – 2016

5As many of you know, I rarely travel these days to teach, and this workshop is the one that I have done every year for the past several years. Alice and I have fun teaching together and sharing our own spin on rug hooking. We both have lots of wool and things for sale in our workshop store where you will find things for sale that you can’t get online.

Thanks for stopping by today ~ Karen


7 thoughts on “2016 workshop coming up

  1. Karen, what is the full name of the DASH printed publication that you show in a photo on your sidebar? I cannot make it out and a Google search has given me nothing even close. Thank you in advance,

    Richard in Charlotte, North Carolina


      • Oh, OK. I understand that it is no longer available in small circulation markets. I was able to find that much out but wasn’t sure if it was the same publication because it was mentioned along with the Parade magazine. It would have been nice to have read that issue online.


  2. This workshop sounds simply amazing! For planning purposes, an you give me a ballpark idea of what the hotel costs are? Thanks so much.


  3. Karen, what kind of frame do you use when rug hooking? I saw a picture in a past post and it was a floor frame of some kind…thank you!


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