A blizzard of crafts in the summer


Packaging my rug hooking patterns to get ready for orders is a regular task that I do here in my studio. As DSCF1057I do the mundane work like folding the linen patterns, I like being surrounded by my favorite things and my rug hooking tools. They are reminders of why I created this mail order business. I love fiber arts of all kinds and rug hooking in particular. Before rug hooking — which was a long time ago — I cycled through all kinds of arts and crafts, being inspired to make something for myself or my home or as a gift.


Rug hooking seems to wait in the wings whenever I venture to try a new craft or revisit some old ones.


A selection of my patterns and marbleized wool will be available this weekend, August 17-20 2016 at Sauder Village in Ohio. Visit the booth of Ali Strebel to see my offerings. Alice always has things that no one else carries. I always send some finished rugs that you can see in person at the show. If you have never been to Sauder Village Rug Show and live nearby, go there and treat yourself to perhaps the premier rug show and vending for rug hooking in the country. For more information CLICK HERE.


My work doesn’t travel much so this is a special once a year event for Primitive Spirit. Alice and I will meet up in October to teach together in Tipp City Ohio. I am thrilled to say that our class is now full. If you are taking that class I am so looking forward to seeing you there!


DSCF1088Every year in August it seems that the summer snowball gets out of hand and I have an alarming pile of partially done projects vying for my attention. But today I am taking a breather and checking in with you my dear blogging friends, to say that I am still crafting. Just not show and telling! Watering and harvesting the garden has been getting dibs. All for now. I sense a zucchini taking over the back yard!

Spend some time being creative, Karen

8 thoughts on “A blizzard of crafts in the summer

  1. I love your work & recently made a rug for my grandson. Unfortunately the yarn I used wasn’t as good as I’d hoped (it has gotten fuzzy). Can you recommend a better choice?


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