More patterns to choose from on Etsy

I have just added several of my patterns to my Etsy shop today. These have been waiting in the wings to be added. Here is a close-up of Nosegay. See it here on Etsy. I love it for its soft antique colors.

This design is a smaller version of my Vintage Scroll pattern. I have designed it as an oval, but you could easily hook it as a rectangle by carrying out the edges on the straight of the linen grain. This design is a great example of how I like to play with many wools in my backgrounds. This makes them come alive, as well as give them variety.

Peony And Roses is also here, an 18″ X 42″ runner. Note that this design was hooked for me by Bridget Todderud. Gone far too young, Bridget has since passed on and I feel very lucky to have her work here as an example of her passion for our craft. Bridget chose the complementary colors green with faded light rose red.

Compote and Camellias and Three Camellias (the smaller version of the Compote design) are also now on Etsy for your perusal (just click their names to get a link to the listings). As I hooked these designs I was enjoying the interplay of the triadic colors orange/green/purple. They can be so dynamic! I used very grayed down versions of these colors, such as my Grenadine Brown (Vintage Dye Book formula) for some of the purples.

Without further adieu, I am off to work on another design!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to ~ Karen



7 thoughts on “More patterns to choose from on Etsy

  1. Karen, good morning!

    This is Anne Krush.Could you clear up my question as to whether I am the reason you put a sold mark on the gorgeous little Van Gogh sunflower rug. I sent a message a few months ago that I’d like to get it for myself for Christmas and asked about layaway. Is it mine, or did someone else purchase it? I am ready to purchase now if it is mine.

    I love, love, love your posts, your website, your artistry! You are an inspiration whose work speaks to my soul.



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