A Cottage Garden is here


I am putting the final touches on my completed rug, A Cottage Garden, and wanted to give you some sneak peaks.



You may remember that I posted about this design early this year. I had high hopes of finishing it in the Spring but as you can see that did not happen. Many things had to take a back seat while I took a wellness break.


And since I am feeling weller (!), what better way to celebrate than to hook a rug! So I have been jumping back in and completing this design. It has been a delight to get to hook again!


I want to post more details of working on this – or I should say re-working on this design. But I wanted you to be the first to see it, and get to pre-order it if you are so inclined. A Cottage Garden is now available for pre-order on my ETSY shop.



What a happy day it is when I able to create with my hands… and my heart!

I know that you know just what I mean.

Sending you a lovely wish for that kind of happy day ~ Karen

8 thoughts on “A Cottage Garden is here

  1. I really like this rug. Karen–What type of rug frame do you use? I am considering a floor room somewhat like this. I feel that I need to improve my posture/form while hooking.

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    • i have a large floor frame that i bought many years ago and is no longer manufactured. google floor frames to search online. the important thing is to get one that adjusts in height and angle. posture is very important as is being aware of your position as you hook. the right chair and a small pillow are also important.


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