Announcing Flow Blue

flow-blue-all-3-colorI have just listed a new PDF instant downloadable pattern set called Flow Blue. I also have the wool available. Both are now available in my Etsy shop. See them here:

Flow Blue instant PDF pattern set

Flow Blue Wools

dscf1046-1dscf1052-1The wools are a limited edition set, with the option of adding the wool for finishing the crochet edge. You will get 5 Blendable Wool Packets. Each packet has 4 different wools in it that are similar. For example here are the deep blue and light blue/gray wool packets.

flow-zoom-2I find working with several wools within a motif or a background exciting, as if I am painting with wool. Each stroke — row of hooking — has a subtle difference.

The patterns are PDF instant downloadable designs. What I love about them is that you can print them out as soon as you download them, trace them onto your own backing and start hooking. If you use primitive linen as your backing, you can see right through it to trace the pattern. Nice and straightforward.


dscf1047-1This project has been in the works for quite some time. I find that ideas have to ferment! And then I get the energy and creative direction to bring it all together. And there are often many aspects to consider. For instance what format will the pattern be, does it need special directions, then taking photos, and many other details.

I especially love the old blue dishes. Inspired by vintage china, I created the designs over a year ago and completed hooking all of them early this year.

flow-blue-1-blogThen I set about documenting the steps of my process and the color choices, photographing the pieces and creating instructions that I then turned into PDF files. Putting the wool together was the last step. It is a lovely step as I am immersed in inspiring colors. At least for today, immersed is a fancy way of saying that the studio is a big mess!

karen smilingI am writing this at the studio computer table and I can see the disarray from out of the corner of my eye. In the effort to finish the kits, write this post, and make the listings — things got out of hand! So when I finally send this post out to you, just know that I will be switching gears to clean up time.

I do have more fun things brewing for you. Some are fermenting. Others are almost ready. For right now I need to create some calm.

Thanks for joining me today ~ Karen


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