A Wish For You


Happy Valentines Day to all my blog readers. Since we can’t be together today to celebrate, let us take some time and share a happy moment over tea doing something creative with our hands.


My day is always better when I have made a space in the day to create.


As the world seems to be wildly spinning around,
I feel centered in this one peaceful act.

You creative friend, Karen

photos from:

Pussy Willow Heart Wreath to make

Hook a Spiral Chair Pad with me part 1

Heart In Hand rug hooking pattern on Etsy

20 thoughts on “A Wish For You

  1. Dear Karen, I just finished Apothecary Rose. What a fun rug to hook! Both my husband and hooking friends like it very much, which doesn’t always happen. Please keep designing wonderful rugs for us.

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  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Karen. Your blog posts always bring a feeling of joy and warmth to me. Please continue sharing your thoughts and creativity with us. I have made a donation to your site, I hope it helps.

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  3. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Thanks for the serenity you bring into our lives, Karen. Today is my birthday, and you and the others who share are like “treasures in earthen vessels,” daily gifts from which creativity flows. May all your loves be true!!

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  4. Happy Valentines Day to you, Karen! I have dreamt of hooking your rug “Vermont” for about 10 years. I finally ordered it and received your beautifully packaged pattern the other day. Thank you for your wonderful designs and inspirations! Rug hooking is a much needed source of peace for me right now.


  5. Belated Happy Valentine’s Day. Your post is so appropriate. Being creative helps us to stay centered in the midst of the chaos of these times. I’m curious as to the materials used in the heart you posted. Are they little “kitties” from pussy willow branches? So pretty and soft looking. The soft gray color is a welcome relief from all the red!


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