Coming in and going out

packageI enjoy packaging orders for my mail order business and I make it as fun as possible for me.

To that end I put as much creativity into the packaging as I can. I think that receiving a beautifully packaged order is just as important as the order itself. At least it is to me.


officeMy work station is pretty small, but everything is at my fingertips. Near my packaging supplies table are my wool shelves and patterns.

 Some of my finished pieces are here to inspire me and remind me to make more! Inspiration brings more inspiration.

Since I have a printer I can make informational inserts that I include with orders.

I love paper crafting and so currently enclose my hand embellished vintage reproduction postcards.


I am a fan of Ranger’s Tim Holtz products and love to add  different old-looking colors of the distress ink series. I also love to spray on Glimmer Mist iridescent colors and dab on Stickles glitter glue.

Chances are if you are a repeat customer, what comes in your package will be a bit different every order you receive. I hope that makes it more of a surprise.

Attention to detail is important to me, as well as getting orders out right away. As tricky as it is to be a sole proprietor, I find it so satisfying to have taken a concept from my personal vision to working out all of the steps to putting it into the hands of anyone who cares to order something. I feel so lucky to have succeeded in that sense, and to see my work travel across the country and even the world.

Whatever you do today, do something that gives you pleasure. Even if it is the way you fix dinner. Being mindful is one way to be living in the here and now.

Have an inspiring day ~ Karen

‘The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls’

Pablo Picasso


12 thoughts on “Coming in and going out

  1. Speaking of joy in one’s life, looking at your goods, whatever they are, brings me joy. I don’t hook just the way you do, but I am using many colors for my backgrounds which makes my matts look more interesting. Thank you.

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  2. I love all the ways you find to “make it pretty.” It really does make a difference. In the photo (above) of the basket and the 3 rugs in it, what is the name of heart-shaped one with the flower on it? I love it ….

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  3. Good Morning!

    I love reading your posts!

    After many, many years, I am going to be required to change my email address. Please note: new email address is

    Thank you and have a grand day

    Joanna Turchin


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