Free Flower pattern to celebrate Spring

I have had many requests for this flower pattern and got up the gumption to get it all together for you, my creative readers. To celebrate Spring, here is the Frilly Peony.

It’s a fun project that utilizes scraps of wool and linen backing fabric — you won’t need much to make a hooked and sewn flower.

I think that the first consideration would be the wool for the long scalloped petal border. I had a hand dyed wool that was deeper on one edge and then faded out. So I traced the scallop so that the deeper part was at the petal edges.

Then I chose complementing wool colors to hook the flower center. Look for fun plaids and textures that have several colors in them.

Hook the outer row taller, and then add a few more really tall loops at the edges.

Snip the ends of the taller loops.

Press the backing fabric completely to the back of your hooking.

Hold it in place with a needle and thread and several stitches.



With 6 strands of cotton floss, make a blanket stitch along the scallop petal edge;

when you get to the end sew the short ends together along the 1/4″ seam allowance to make a circle.

With strong thread and making 1/2″ long stitches, sew a gathering stitch along the long straight edge of the petal wool. Pull on the gathering thread to gather it up small enough to fit snugly against the edge of the hooked circle; tie a knot to secure the gather. Pin to hold the petal to the hooked edge. Using a needle and thread, stitch into both pieces, sewing them together all the way around (the pink thread).

At this point I did not finish my flower as I wanted to remember how I made it.

To complete the piece I would simply cover it with wool or cotton fabric, sewing the edges down or glueing it in place with a hot glue gun or tacky glue. Add a pin back if you like.

The finished Frilly Peony Flower with Lavender Purse

Here is the pattern to print out full-sized:

Frilly Peony design

Thank you for joining me today. Enjoy your creative journey ~ Karen

quick link to see my new wool on ETSY

quick link to the Lavender Purse on ETSY



20 thoughts on “Free Flower pattern to celebrate Spring

  1. Thank you so much Karen for free patterns. I really enjoy reading everything you print. Keep up the good work. God bless
    Judy warasils


  2. Hi Karen, I have done several of your pieces – and always have fun with them. Looking for your patterns, as I would like to do some now. How can I see your patterns for purchase. Do I need catalog or can I find them on line. Thanks so much, continued good luck, Marcia Burns


  3. Karen, Thank you so much for your wonderful newsletters! They are so inspiring! I just want you to know how much I appreciate your work and time taken to inspire all of us!

    Sharon Falter Lake Ozark, MO


  4. I found you by googling dye kitchen. And yours is so beautiful! Just how I’d want mine to be. Also printed out your free seaweed pattern, from which I locker hooked my first rug with my own hand spun and hand dyed wool. I really like how it came out. Thank you ever so much for your wonderfully inspiring blog!


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