A patch of this a smidge of that

In my wool kitchen today, putting wool away from an order, washing wool, and dreaming of lovely color combinations.

It is so wonderful to have wool in my hands, examining each texture and color nuance.

I love to organize it by color, creating soft muted rainbows of fabric in my wool room.

Today was also a patch day. These clothes have had their share of my patches.

Folks have done patches ever since there was fabric to patch. I love that sense of belonging. And of caring.

I have also been taking some new photos for my Etsy shop of my Birdhouse Pattern PDFs.

I thought that they needed a better group shot, so I arranged some of them on a couple of gray cushions.

And couldn’t resist putting one in a wreath to peek out from the berries.

On my hooking frame is my latest project that I will give you a sneak peek of today. It will be one a new paper pattern set due out sometime this year. When? I can’t tell you for sure. I would always like it to be soon! But sometimes life steps in and takes me in other directions for a time.

As the weather changes to Spring, I know that I need to start digging in the dirt and being in the sunshine. As I love every part of my creative life I do feel today that there is so much of this and that for me to do. Where shall I find the time? Well, I had to at least touch base with you, blog family. I hope you are finding creative things to keep you busy too.

Have a creative day ~ Karen

Oh, and thank you so much for voting for my Etsy shop! For those who haven’t voted, I have entered a contest for my business to win a $10,000 grant. The most votes wins, but I saw that another shop got over 600 votes already. Only one vote per person, so vote! Click here to vote before April 7th.

Here’s a link to click to see the Birdhouse Patterns

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