A hankering for crafting

A now a brief word from out sponsor! Just because it is the holiday weekend doesn’t mean we crafters have to do without. Remember that you can get a PDF instant downloadable pattern for both hooking and punchneedle embroidery on my Etsy shop. When you finish the purchase you get the pattern right away to print out at home and can copy it onto your backing fabric of choice and start a new project that inspires you. I have more than 25 patterns to choose from!

Many of my rug hooking patterns also come with a smaller punchneedle embroidery size. Like getting two patterns for the price of one. If you are like me, sometimes you may be in a rug hooking mood, and other times you feel like working on a small scale with punchneedle embroidery. I kind of like experimenting with a pattern and colors with punchneedle, and then hooking it later. Lets me play things out that way without the big commitment.

Herb Seeds punchneedle pattern

Springtime is a season that always brings me renewed energy. That is my wish for you. That you would feel the gift of Spring in your heart and mind, giving you positive thoughts and room to spread your creative wings. It many not be the right time to plant your garden outside, so how about planting a fiber garden right in your comfy chair?

Find time to nurture your creative spirit ~ Karen

Decide every morning that you are in a good mood.


7 thoughts on “A hankering for crafting

  1. I have lots of ideas floating around, but hard to bring them to fruition. I keep distracting myself with other things. Your blog is great for a nice spark of inspiration! Love your basket of sweet hooked items. You had asked about Guatemalan hooking…. don’t know when I’ll get to my next post, but yes, they do wrap the fabric strips in such a way that results in a perfectly smooth loop. I found it very difficult for me to do! But it looks easy when they do it. Their designs are inspired by the traditional designs in their hupils (blouses). Most amazing women!


    • dulcy, so great to see more posts from you and hear about your guatemalan hooking friends! their technique interests me. i know that when i use really thin woolens i would cut them wider and fold them in half. sometimes it would work better than other times!


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