New wool in the works

a lovely taupe wool called Tattered is getting labelled

Just a heads up about the new wool heading to my Etsy shop. I have been dyeing more marbleized wool colors and am excited to introduce them there in a few days. Here is a sneak peek of a few of them.

new marbleized wool called Desert Sage has a washed out look

After marbleize dyeing the wool and drying it, the next step is cutting and folding it into fat quarter yards.  Some might consider this tedious, but I love this part of the process as I get to see all the colorful details in the wool and touch each piece. This is the time that a wool’s name comes into my head. Like my great-great granddaddy Adam, I enjoy finding the right name for every color.

Above is a soft blue called Faded Glory. It reminded me of a faded out flag or pair of blue jeans. So primitive! I must say that sometimes I am tempted to load colors onto my own personal wool shelves, but try hard not to! So, my next job is making labels and attaching one to every piece. Every time someone buys a color, they can keep a swatch attached to the tag as a record. If all goes well, I am planning on restocking some of the wools from time to time so then you can reorder colors.

here are from left to right: Tattered, Faded Glory, Snuff Box, and Pinks

Dried Sage blendable wool packet

My next task is to photograph each piece, load the photos onto my computer and color correct each one. Then the photos need to be resized and loaded onto Etsy where I then add my descriptions for each. Sometimes capturing what a wool really looks like is a challenge. And I love hearing from customers that they think the wools looks even more beautiful in person!

Labor intensive? Very. Why do I do it? Because wool makes our world go round. And for me, it is all about the color. If you had a great design and boring colors, I just would never be inspired to create anything.

Look for new wools in the coming days. Visit to see.

Have a creative day ~ Karen


Check out the Marbleized Wool Book to learn the technique



3 thoughts on “New wool in the works

  1. I never buy wool without touching it so sorry I won’t be ordering but….when I buy I’ll pick milton colored wool over all else. It makes the rug it’s in come alive!


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