Color my wool

Another week of being knee deep in wool yardage and boy do I feel lucky! It is just part of a days work for me. One that never ever gets old! Marbleizing wool and the dyeing process is so magical. And just touching wool is a boon!

This week I have been creating bunches of pinks. Above is Antique Pink, which is quite different front and back on most pieces.

I will be listing more wool on my Etsy shop this week on Thursday morning at 9 am Pacific time. 6 pinks and 4 blue/greens. Several are new colors. For the best selection mark your calendar. Heads up: in the past few weeks wool has almost completely sold out the first day.

For all of you that voted for my Etsy shop in the last month for the Etsy Business Contest, I say a grateful thank you! I did not win as I saw that there were some shops that got more votes than mine. I did not get a prize, but what I did get out of the contest is seeing all those votes from you all, and that I have many lovely followers of my blog and etsy business that care about me [insert Pharrell Williams song Happy]!

These days I am working up some new small designs that I am excited about. And there is the tug to be out in the garden as well. My to-do list is piling up to be one big Spring snowball!

Thanks for dropping by on your creative journey today ~ Karen


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