Lavender love

Here in Oregon the lavender is in full bloom.

Lavender is one of my favorite herbs so I have lavender growing everywhere.

And since I have many varieties of lavender in my gardens, I have been enjoying their fragrance and beauty, and taking time to harvest them in bundles to dry.

I can then use them for bouquets, gifts, and other crafts. I love how they look hanging to dry!

Lavender Munstead is harvested here in my basket.

I favor the English lavender varieties Hidcote and Munstead for their smaller size, dark blooms, and sweet fragrance.

The garden has been taking my time this summer, as we have been working on a new wall and front walkway. I love picking out new perennials and chose heucheras, hardy geraniums, catmints, and pentstemons among others.

I have also made time for dyeing new wools to restock favorite colors, and have created some lovely new colors too. These will be available in my Etsy shop within a month or two. I will let you know when they are almost ready. As you know, besides dyeing the wool, all the new colors have to be photographed, color corrected, descriptions written, and then finally they can be listed on Etsy. Thank you for your patience with this process. I enjoy each step, but it does take some time! I think when you see my wool offerings you will enjoy the selection.

In the garden or in the studio ~ have a creative day!  – Karen


8 thoughts on “Lavender love

  1. You probably don’t remember me, but I was lucky enough to take a class with you in Eugene. It was magical and I am grateful. I planted lavender in my garden this summer. Every time I see lavender, I think of you and smile. Have a great summer!😊


  2. Hi Karen! It’s Lianne. I love your posts and blog. I love you and I think about you and all your creations! Berit is being induced this coming Sunday. Bryce and I are going down tomorrow and will be staying until Tuesday. She is having a baby girl. Our little farm is exactly the same – just bigger shrubs!!! I hope you and Rob are doing well. We are all enjoying this lovely, sunny weather! Hugs, Lianne xoxo


  3. Hello Karen,
    I have made a couple of your designs. I just love them. One day I hope to take a class with you. I also love lavender. I harvested it, dried it, took off all the buds, and stored them in a glass cookie jar along with some little sachet bags, and a small antique scoop. I keep it in my laundry room and before I dry a load, I scoop out some lavender out and put it in one of the little ribbon tied sachet bags, give it a squeeze to release a little scent and throw it in the dryer with the clothes. It is not a super strong smell (my husband can’t stand heavily dryer sheets), but it is nice. The scent lasts several loads.


  4. Karen: You are the queen of my lavender love, too. Here at my place in NM the
    heartier lavender grows well and I am ready to harvest. I am up high and the soil is poor, but Grosso does well and looks good and attracts the bees, butterflies and hummers. The peek at the walk looks terrific!


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