The change of seasons means dying wool

I can feel a change of seasons in the air. And some of the trees are showing a bit of color on the edges. Maybe it is my Q to get more color in my life. Fall is coming.

Instead of shopping for school clothes, I now shop for color! I have some new wool listings in my ETSY shop. Click here to see what is in my wool section.

Old habits die hard, and the hunter gatherer in me starts getting busy for indoor activities, like creating beautiful things with my hands.

Lately I have been featuring my Etsy wool with my dye swatches to give you a more accurate portrayal of each color. This helps you to see how it compares in color and value to other colors you have dyed. Or just to use to the swatches as a reference.


I am so busy! How about you?

Does the change of seasons bring out your creativity too?

Clear out the season for your creative work. For a crafter, self expression is all.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Karen


18 thoughts on “The change of seasons means dying wool

  1. So nice to have an e mail from you. I miss having your interesting Pictures and words coming through to Ontario, Canada. Hope all is well and your summer has been a happy one. Anne

    Anne B. from Petit iPad



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