Thinking of the Holiday table

Here is an idea for a modestly sized hooked project that could be ready for your holiday table.

 I have featured my Flow Blue pattern set for this one, but it would also be lovely using another paper pattern set such as my Hearts & Bunnies or Botanical Hearts. See all of my paper pattern PDF’s by clicking here.

The concept is a simple one. Instead of copying your patterns on their own separate pieces of linen, you create a long rectangle to copy them in.

My finished size for this table runner is 11″ x 44″, and uses a 20″ x 52″ piece of primitive linen as a backing fabric. You could create the whole pattern onto a piece of paper (or pieces of paper taped together), or just draw everything right onto the linen.

My directions are for drawing on the linen. Find the center of your precut linen by folding it in half one direction, and then in half the other. Mark this center point. Measure 5 1/2″ up from this point to find the top edge of the runner. Measure 11″ straight down from here to mark the bottom point. Do the same thing to find the left and right edges, measuring 22″ to the left (half of 44″), and then 44″ to the right of that edge point. Draw your rectangle along the grain line, which should now measure 11″ x 44″.

Place the curving edge of the Flow Blue printed patterns approximately 3 1/2″ from each side edge, and then center the middle pattern by eye. Hand draw crude horizontal lines for the hit-and-miss background. Making them a bit crooked has character and that yesteryear look that I love.

Have fun with my pattern idea, ©2018KarenKahle, pattern to be used for personal, non-commercial use only.

For a limited time, Flow Blue wool is available here.

This wool can be used for the motifs, and any leftovers plus the addition of your own muted neutral colored wools would complete the design!

This pattern is not available as a paper or printed pattern.

Have a creative day ~ Karen



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