A patch of this a smidge of that

In my wool kitchen today, putting wool away from an order, washing wool, and dreaming of lovely color combinations.

It is so wonderful to have wool in my hands, examining each texture and color nuance.

I love to organize it by color, creating soft muted rainbows of fabric Continue reading

Happy creative holidays


Season’s greetings from my house to yours! This year I put tiny white twinkle lights on the tree and strung some cranberries for garlands. Simple and old fashioned just the way I like it. The garlands dry and can be used from year to year.

I feel happy doing such crafts. I am reminded of all the years of making ornaments out of things I had around the house like cotton balls and cardboard, scraps of fabric and yarn. A happy life of creating anything I could imagine.

My old teddy bears sit beneath the tree guarding the packages, reminding my childlike spirit to come out and not take myself too seriously.

Have a wonderful loving holiday time, filled with color, beauty, creativity and inspiration.

Your crafty friend,



rumi quote

As I travel, Rumi inspires me with his faith. If I could only grasp that my trip is part of my creative process, and see new possibilities with each step of my journey. In the bustle of an airport I will attempt to quiet my heart with his wisdom.  ~ Karen


Friends to the garden studio

lianne 2

Friends of mine usually come with a craft in hand, because they know me. I am the craft lady. My way of having fun typically includes making something. So my Washington friend Lianne brought her Star Rug Company snow family design to hook when she came to visit. Lianne loved all my lights and tried out my IKEA clip on LED light on her hooking frame. It is really bright. Continue reading