Coming Up

DSCF10012017 is coming to a close and this year I met my goals of creating new rug hooking patterns for my Etsy shop as well as making a free rug hooking pattern for my blog readers. But there is so much left to do! I am also working on doing a lot of wool dyeing for Etsy listings and talking all about that. I keep getting prodded to finish a dye book that I started, but that is on the back burner. Perhaps if the weather nice-ens up, I could go out to the porch for my dye experiments. Nothing like all that fresh air to disperse nasty chemicals. And I am sensitive to all of that.

Thank you faithful readers for all your comments and words of encouragement to my posts. You are why I am here!

Thanks for being a part of my blog family ~ Karen

16 thoughts on “Coming Up

  1. Hi Karen, I really enjoy your blog. I am unable to call up a recent post on a bouquet of flowers. It doesn’t even show up in the menu bar for me. I was missing all the lovely pics that were supposed to be posted. Just wondered if you had any idea why that might be happening.



  2. Can’t wait!! Very nice of you to give us these treats now and then. Feels like Christmas and can’t wait for the reveal of “Seaweed”. Love your color palette of wool for this as well.


  3. Hello Miss Karen,
    I always enjoy reading your blog. You have such a way with dyeing wool, and I would love to read any tips for your dyeing methods. I understand this may be your bread and butter, and so I totally understand if you do not share that info.
    Have another beautiful day!


  4. I justjoined today April 8 2013 I like the soft colors you hook with. Im new hooker and would like to get a pattern of yours sometime later in the month so Im looking forward to that purchase. Im a quilter for years now, but Im really rug-hooked now.I live in Idaho but lived in Portland OR my whole life. Just moved to Idaho 2 yrs ago.Idiscovered your web site just a couple of weeks ago. I appreciate your talent very much! Thankyou. Pat


  5. Hi Karen, would you please tell me where you are teaching the rest of the year?
    Would love to be in your class. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Caryn linn


  6. Hi Karen
    I am looking for the pattern you posted for the spiral chair pad to print
    Thought I printed it but now I can’t find it
    Hope you can help


  7. Hello! Just wondering if you have any classes coming up. I’m in the Midwest so I can usually travel just about anywhere easily. thanks!


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