Hook a spiral chair pad with me – Part 6

The finishing part is a fun part for me because I enjoy all parts of the project, including the handwork.

In this final part of the tutorial I am showing you how I prepare the finished piece for doing a crochet edge. First I steam press it and let it cool and dry. Then I cut away the backing, leaving about 1″ all around. Continue reading

Hook a spiral chair pad with me – Part 5

Hopefully you have hooked most of your chair pad by now and are ready to take a closer look at your piece to do the all important evaluation. You can only do this when you are almost done as it is only then when you can see how it all comes together. Even though you may not be changing very much, fine tuning your hooking can make a huge difference Continue reading

Hook a spiral chair pad with me – Part 2

Yesterday we started our hooked spiral chair pad. And I hope you were able to get started on hooking the spiral line. Since we are working from our leftovers, I envisioned us using all different cuts with most of them being around an 8 cut (1/4″ wide strips). I think mixing cuts looks dynamic in a rug design.¬†Our next step is to draw some secondary lines to work our hit or miss colors. Continue reading