Fall colors in the dyepot

Pumpkin is not just a color in the pumpkin patch. I had a longing for the harvest colors in my wool collection so I set out to recreate some of the inspiring colors of Fall for my recent trip to be a vendor in Bothel, Washington. I am using my dye method called marbleizing for this batch of wool. I developed and refined this technique almost 10 years ago. The wool colorations reminded me of marbled paper, but since it was not an actual marbling technique, I decided to call it marbleizing. Continue reading

I am happy to finish another rug

In my last post I was showing you a bit of my latest rug for next year’s catalog, and was working on hooking the final bit. Well, it is done and I did not change much this time. I alway flip the rug over and check to see that all it well on the back. There are always wool threads to trim, and occasionally there is and end that I forgot to pull to the top. Once in a while there might be a small open space that I forgot to hook. Now is the time to take care of that. Now that all is done, I steam press the entire back surface of the rug. This design fits on a table top, and I am using a small portable ironing board that I lie flat on the table.  Continue reading

The last stages of hooking Seaweed pull things together


Here I am almost finished with hooking Seaweed, and am happy with the interesting variety of the background. The lighter splotches of color are the Dark Olive Brown against the Inky Olive wool. The blue-purple that I hooked in the lower left I added near the bottom right. Continue reading