Knitting with cheap yarn takes the pressure off me

DSCF1001 2Sometimes knitting can be a total waste of time. I am the first to admit that I do not like many of the things that I knit for myself. And I have read many of those books about how to make sure you have a gauge swatch or take your measurements or study your profile for what looks good on your body type. But all those books still leave room for the imagination. I sometimes imagine that a project is going to look like something it really doesn’t come out to look like. And I hate it. This happens more often than I would care to admit. Maybe I am just unrealistic. A knitting dreamer.

So you may understand why I bought cheap yarn for my latest sweater project. Buying cheap yarn really cuts your losses in half. You aren’t wasting much money, you are only wasting your time. And if you figure into the formula how much time you are relaxing and loving knitting, even that isn’t a waste. Cheap therapy is what it is.  Continue reading