happy endings and new beginnings


I wanted to share with you the crochet purse that I was working on a few posts back. I am so happy with how it came out, it surprised me. I came up with an idea for finishing it which raised it from being a humble bag to a special one. And to celebrate the completion of a project, I bought some new yarn to help plan another. I love getting packages in the mail! Especially when they are fiber! Continue reading

Spinning with the summer sun

garden pathSometimes when the weather is perfect, friends gather for a garden party. Today we spinners are meeting at Lu’s garden. It is such an inspiring place, full of flowers and vegetables and bunnies. Breathe deeply and take in the aroma of the Corsican mint beneath your feet. Small wonders and simple pleasures are on today’s menu. Continue reading

simple is satisfying

I love to use up supplies. And I am crocheting this flat bag with the last of my scraps of cotton and linen yarns. After crocheting a few big bags I needed a little bag to put inside it. A simple project like this one is great for filling in those vacant bits of time that might go to waste. I guess some projects feel like I am making something out of nothing. I love that! Continue reading