Home again


I am back in town! Shipping boxes and sad piles that only know how to call my name are in the way of getting from one place to the other!

But business is open which includes my ETSY shop.  Thanks for being patient this past month while I have been out-of-state. Below is a close-up of the Wooly Santa pattern Continue reading

dye kitchen decorating

toy stove fAugust suddenly rolls around again, and I have been in my dye kitchen for over a year now. I feel that the time has come to play around with something different on the walls.

One hurdle that I often face is thinking that anything needs to be permanent. Silly as it seems, I seem to labor over making a hole in the wall!

As if things can’t be patched! So with this new resolve, I created new holes galore, with my only thought – – to have fun and be whimsical! Continue reading