An old quilt inspired new wool colors

I love pink and brown antique quilts. I saw this quilt online and was drawn into its beauty and style. You can read more about this 1832 baby quilt here. This color combination never fails to transport me to another era. It inspired me to create a batch of new marbleized wool colors. Continue reading

Earthy colors in the dye pot

For my current rug I decided that the light values I was hooking with were not the right value but were too light for this design. So I chose deep earthy from my Dusty Dye Book swatches as the perfect color and value, and am going to dye it in three 1/2 yard batches so that I can get some variation in each one. Continue reading

Studio Saga Part 2: all the furniture

My new studio space is move-in ready and I am moving in! My first priority was housing my wool for rug hooking. Continue reading