A colorful season

dye packets on dye table

If springtime is offering you gray skies, pulling out the dye packets is a great way to put some instant color in your life. Dyeing wool can become addicting. I would even argue that it is a worthy hobby in and of itself. For me, color is the inspiration. Continue reading

Happy January with more on Etsy


spring is here Z3etsy 2With the new year comes re-evaluating my business and deciding what changes I may like to make. One thing I have decided to do is make my Etsy business bigger. I love Etsy as a creative marketplace, and it is so convenient to have a place to sell my patterns, books, and tools in one location. So today I have begun to add more of my catalog items to my Etsy shop. I would like to add everything from my catalog– which is daunting! If there is anything that you are particularly excited to see added to my shop sooner than later, send me a comment. I can’t promise that it will be added immediately, but I will try to put it toward the top of the list.

If you want to track my progress pop over to primitivespirit.etsy.com.

go make stuffAfter all that work, I hope to have some time to create something! Here’s a hint from a fellow craftsman on Etsy, and I am going to take it to heart! How about you?

Be creative, Karen


mug found on MUGOOS Etsy shop

Repairing an old rug

DSCF1020When I was choosing rugs to hang in my studio from my vintage collection of hooked rugs, I really wanted to hang this one. I love its graphic beauty. And the holes in it do not detract from my appreciation of it. However, one of the holes was 2″, and I didn’t want to put too much stress on the rug by hanging it with that big of an opening. It needed some support. Continue reading

Punch hooking a rose rug

on the frameI love to punch hook, and one of my designs for 2013, Madame Odier, was done with this technique. When you punch hook, you are working on the back of the rug and everything will be in reverse on the right side. I find it to be a freeing technique, as you can’t see the finished side as you work, so you become more adventurous and daring. Continue reading