Rearranging the studio for a craft day

studio update 8

Every now and then when the studio gets messy and I find myself gravitating to the kitchen instead of my craft room, I know it’s time to rearrange things. One thing I do to get me inspired is to plan for visitors to come over. Then I have a deadline! Continue reading

April showers…

Mail AttachmentA friend shared this photo with me. I don’t know the source, but I had to post about it today. It captured something remarkable in our natural world that resonated with me in a strong way. Words that come to mind are: togetherness, courage, love, family, hope, and wonder…. Hang in there! Spring is worth it. 

I am having a very busy week of shipping and packing, leading up to a teaching engagement next week. Because of travels I will not be posting very much this month and the next.

Consider re-reading some of this last year’s posts to tide you over. There are several free rug hooking patterns and tutorials for you. I hope that you will make one of these projects while I am away from blogging. Use the search tool found at the right hand side of the blog and put in a key word like “free” or “tutorial” or “studio” or “inspiration” or “knitting” or….

Let spring blossom in your creative spirit ~ Karen

December Dreaming


December is a time to gather together the bits and pieces that have fallen off the edges, and build something of them. If this sounds a bit like what happened to Humpty Dumpty, you get the idea. For me, what it all means is a lot of time on the computer, enhancing photographs, building pages, preening the layouts, fussing over details, and drinking a lot of tea. Continue reading

All I want for Christmas is…

DSCF1002When my family asks me what I want for Christmas, I used to find it hard to give them an answer. Because what I really wanted was some hand dyed wool or roving, an antique vase like I saw in some remote corner of a flea market, or some craft supplies too difficult to explain or describe. How could they ever pick out what I really wanted? Continue reading