Time to explore what Spring has to offer. Check out my new wool offerings on Etsy by clicking here.

Dust off that project and add some new April energy to it. Time to come out to play. Venture out. Be beautiful and adventurous. Who knows what Spring can do!

Have a creative day ~ Karen

See the PDF instant downloadable pattern for the hooked and prodded bird and nest. This pattern also comes with an added punchneedle embroidery size.

click here to check it out.

Days of wool and roses

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Here are some new marbleized wools in my Etsy shop. Lately I like to reference my wools with my dye book colors. I have 2 swatch sets: The Dusty Dye Book set and The Vintage Dye Book set. If you have a set this will make choosing colors Continue reading

Fall colors in the dyepot

Pumpkin is not just a color in the pumpkin patch. I had a longing for the harvest colors in my wool collection so I set out to recreate some of the inspiring colors of Fall for my recent trip to be a vendor in Bothel, Washington. I am using my dye method called marbleizing for this batch of wool. I developed and refined this technique almost 10 years ago. The wool colorations reminded me of marbled paper, but since it was not an actual marbling technique, I decided to call it marbleizing. Continue reading

Sapphire wools are my new gems of choice

Don’t let the somber tones in this dye pot fool you! Lovely colored wools are about to emerge from it! Wonderful things, glorious things!

I was craving for some deeper purples and some blue purples. And I am happy to show you my latest marbleized wool dye batches. They make me think of sapphires with their cool blueness.

Piles of wool inspire me! They are like a vase of flowers… a painting… color, yummy color!

Last week I added some lavender purples to my wool selection. And I thought that some deeper purples would round out my wool offerings in my Etsy Shop, click HERE if you wish to see over 70 colors of marbleized wool.

Here from left to right are:

Vintage Sapphire – a cool, deep dusty blue

Blueberry Pie – deep blue with dusty purple

Passion – passionately purple with love-ly pinkish purple in the mixture

Larkspur – dusty light purple with gentle blues and indigos

I may not be doing this forever, but for now I am enjoying creating this wool! I tend to throw myself into things with abandon!

Here’s to a joyful addiction ~ Karen