Being thankful for little things

I love little sewing tools. Funny how little things can add to the pleasure of your crafting experience. I made this small needle case out of 3 layers of felted wool folded like a book and then tied together at the folded edge. I embellished the tie by tucking in some colorful wool roving.

needlecase 3Inside are all of my tapestry needles for sewing knits together.

needle case 2This needle case gets a lot of use. Adding some color and texture to it makes it so much more fun.

Surround yourself with the things that you love, and you will love being there.

Have a creative day ~ Karen



Tidy studio spaces rock

Stuff. There’s my vintage suitcases and all the other cool things that I collect. They take up a lot of room. Inspiring magazines are wonderful but they are in ugly stacks everywhere. And I am buying more fabric when I already have what I need, only I can’t find where it is. Sound familiar?

One thing is for sure. Having a mess everywhere makes me feel less creative. I can’t speak for you but I know that I love having everything neat and organized and accessible. So I have been looking through books and magazines for ideas. Here are my top 5 things that I did to make my craft room my happy place. Continue reading

Studio Saga Part 2: all the furniture

My new studio space is move-in ready and I am moving in! My first priority was housing my wool for rug hooking. Continue reading